Are Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves Still Together? Where Their Relationship Stands Now

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Trouble in paradise? In November 2022, fans of TikTok stars Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves speculated that the pair had officially called it quits after some major social media clues. Then, after a video went viral of Anthony appearing to kiss another girl, he confirmed their breakup.

“We broke up officially the 19th. Josh [Richards] invited me out to Canada the 22nd,” he shared via Twitter. “I didn’t cheat. I’m not a cheater.”

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The couple took their relationship public in March 2020. However, fans have long speculated that they’ve been together for longer since they started posting online together in November 2019. Throughout their time in the spotlight — and before their November 2022 breakup — the pair was pretty private about their relationship while giving followers rare glimpses into their love.

“I’ve been watching social media relationships my entire life and I’m just seeing people getting together, then breaking up over Twitter, and then getting back together and breaking up in a YouTube video,” Avani told Seventeen in January 2021. “Putting your drama out on platforms isn’t necessary, because then that’s allowing them to give feedback on your relationship.”

The beauty guru went on to explain that when she and Anthony “started talking,” they “didn’t feel the need to post” about their relationship. “Behind the screen we’re living a really, really good life. And we just don’t really care if other people are part of that life,” Avani added.

In November 2022, split speculation started swirling. The Instagram account TikTok Room shared a screenshot of a fan comment asking Avani if she and Anthony “broke up” after he seemingly didn’t appear at her birthday party.

“Many people are wondering if #avani and #anthony are still together,” the TikTok Room captioned their post. “Anthony didn’t post Avani at all for her bday plus he wasn’t at her party. People are also saying he got unfollowed on her spam account.”

In a separate post, the TikTok Room shared a screenshot of Anthony’s second Instagram account. They claimed that he “changed his spam account from avani’s boyfriend to a new username,” which fueled breakup rumors.

Anthony has since confirmed their breakup while Avani hasn’t spoken publicly just yet. Reps for both internet personalities didn’t immediately respond to J-14‘s request for comment.

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